Welcome to Crow Recycling in Coventry

CROW Recycling is a Coventry based Social Enterprise with charitable status established in 1985.

At centrally located premises ( purchased courtesy of the National Lotteries charities Board in 1999) within the community recycling facility voluntary work placements are provided for young people and adults who may face disadvantage in the workplace through disability and/or learning difficulties.

CROW works in partnership with local authorities, educational establishments, local businesses and community groups in the Coventry and Warwickshire area.


One-Off Clearance Service:

Do you have a backlog of documents that need to be removed? We provide a one-off service for both confidential and non-confidential materials. Please Click Here for further details.


Our services include

  • Aluminium cans from businesses and schools
  • Confidential document shredding
  • Animal Bedding from recycled materials