Bags for confidential documents

If there’s one thing the pandemic underlined at Crow it’s how important we are to our volunteers.

Our volunteers are returning gradually now we have reopened the warehouse with socially distanced measures in place.

It’s a staggered start working gradually up to our usual numbers to ensure our measures to keep everyone safe are working properly.

As a general rule our volunteers don’t chat about why they like volunteering here – they just get on with the job.

But during the pandemic they, their relatives and their carers told us how important volunteering at Crow is.

It has been a tough time for our volunteers. Most have a disability and some live in supported housing with help from carers.

The pandemic took away the regular routine of helping out at Crow. Some had close relatives who were shielding. Those volunteers missed out on the visits and visiting they were used to. Some helped out from home. All were keen to come back as we made plans to reopen.

At Crow we have taken a number of steps to make sure we are still here in the future for our volunteers. We closed temporarily at the height of lockdown and are no longer open Friday mornings – we’re open Monday to Thursday now.  A discretionary grant from Coventry City Council has done much to help as well.

So we’re open to provide work placements for our volunteers by selling animal bedding, collecting and destroying confidential documents, collecting non confidential paper and processing cans for recycling.