Work for a small organisation on a budget and need to sharpen up on the General Data Protection Regulations?

Getting up to speed on the basics with an online course doesn’t have to cost anything.

A good place to cover the basics is this course with the Netherlands based University of Groningen. The time estimate is a total of 16 hours recommended as four hours a week over four weeks. As it’s completed independently online with no live interaction the 16 hours can be done in a shorter time period than four weeks. The catch with the free version is it can’t take longer than four weeks. The free version doesn’t include the course assessments and has no certificate at the end. If

Another drawback is that it was written in the early days of GDPR when Brexit wasn’t a current issue. That means the section about European courts is not all that relevant to people working in the UK dealing with data from UK customers. But apart from that it’s a useful summary for those working in small organisations who deal with customer e mail, invoices and contracts.

Another plus point is that it’s a university course so the information is coming from legal academics who scrutinise and interpret detail of legislation for a living.

If you want to do it hurry though as the free version will be taken down on February 9.

For those short of time as well as money Irish workplace training company Alison has a free online course here. This one rather grandly claims to teach everything participants need to know about the GDPR in three hours or less. There’s no extra charge for a certificate – useful for those looking to mention GDPR knowledge on CVs. This one is probably best as a quick overview in contrast with the extra detail from the University of Groningen course.

If you’ve done the courses and need confidential waste paper destruction to help comply with GDPR in Coventry or Warwickshire contact Crow on 02476552444 or