used drinks cans

A grant from the Eveson Trust is helping Crow Recycling provide work placements for people with disabilities.
The trust has made a generous donation towards running costs at the Coventry based charity. The money will help with costs such as insurance which are essential to keeping the charity up and running.
Office manager Lucy Lynch said: “We run various commercial services which bring in an income but it’s not nearly enough to cover all our costs. The Eveson Trust grant, along with grants from other similar organisations, means we can bridge the gap.
“We’re particularly grateful that the grant is for general running costs such as insurance. Those costs can be hard to find grants for but are an essential part of any organisation.”
Crow Recycling is a registered charity providing volunteer work placements for disabled people. Crow does this by providing a commercial service destroying confidential waste, processing non confidential paper for recycling, crushing and baling aluminium cans for recycling and selling animal bedding. Crow also runs a Scrapstore selling reused items to use for arts and crafts and processes used books.
Volunteers include pupils from special schools, college students and older people on longer term placements.