A big thanks from Crow Recycling to members of Good Gym who helped Crow Recycling set up a gardening project.

The group visited Crow Recycling in their spare time to spread an incredible three tonnes of top soil on the area which will become a vegetable and fruit growing garden.

They ran from Coventry city centre to Crow’s warehouse in Sparkbrook Street, Hillfields, where the top soil was waiting in three bags of a tonne each. With a wheelbarrows, spades and shovels they spread it across an area levelled for the purpose.

The gardening project will see Crow Recycling’s disabled volunteers growing food for themselves and for city food banks and social supermarkets. Crow Recycling is working with community garden not for profit Team Springboard CIC on the project.

Good Gym were overseen by Team Springboard horticultural manager Esther Kovacs.

Crow Recycling office manager Lucy Lynch said: “A big thank you to Good Gym for their amazing feat of spreading out three tonnes of soil. The certainly had a work out and we have the beginnings of a garden.”