New child sized gloves and ear defenders

Child sized safety gloves and ear defenders New child sized ear defenders and child sized safety gloves have arrived at Crow Recycling thanks to grant funding. The new equipment will be used when groups of school children visit the Crow warehouse to learn about recycling. Children love to see the noisy can crushing and baling machine in action but need ear defenders to protect their hearing. The new child sized ones need less adjustment that the current set so are quicker and easier to fit. The safety gloves will make it easier for children to have a go at separating steel from aluminium cans using the magnet built in to the Crow can sorting table. The current adult sized ones are excellent at protecting hands from sharp edges but sometimes make it difficult to pick up cans, particularly for the smallest visitors. The new child sized ones will make it easier for young visitors to handle the cans. Education development worker Lucy Lynch said: "We are delighted with the new gloves and ear defenders which will make the hands on activities a better experience for children on educational visits. Seeing the can crushing and baling machine operating is one of the highlights of the visit, especially for the lucky child chosen to switch it on. But it's a really noisy piece of machinery so ear defenders are essential. Now there is a choice of adult or child sized ones." The grant funding also paid for magnets to be used by Crow staff for can sorting exercises when visiting schools to talk about recycling. Crow Recycling is accepting bookings for school and home education visits during the Coventry spring and summer terms. Visits of [...]

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Christmas waste swaps

Five Christmas waste swaps to help both tread lightly on the planet and have a brilliant Christmas   Wrapping paper Presents wrapped in brown paper, newspaper and fabric Wrapping that is all or partly shiny and metallic can't be recycled so swap to the non metallic kind or try these options Newspaper, reused and easily recycled, with reusable ribbon to give a Christmassy look Fabric and ribbon, both ideal for reuse Brown paper, well suited to recycling, along with reusable ribbon Christmas catalogues Christmas catalogues With so many shops now online printed Christmas catalogues are an extra rather than an essential. Ring or e mail every organisation that sends a paper catalogue and ask them not to. General Data Protection Regulations allow people to opt out of postal advertising addressed to them by name. Sadly this doesn't extend to junk mail addressed to occupier or with no name or address Use the company's website instead to find out about their products. Christmas trees Library Christmas tree Buying a tree grown in a field on a farm, admiring it for a couple of weeks and then taking it to a council tip is the maximum waste approach. Instead you could Buy a container grown tree, keep it in the garden and bring it in every year Buy an artificial tree and use it every year Or even better a second hand artificial tree and use it every year Use your creativity for an eye catching substitute for a Christmas tree. Everything from decorating a large pot plant to arranging fairy lights in a tree shape on a blank wall celebrates Christmas without the waste. This Christmas tree substitute was created [...]

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Christmas and new year opening times

Christmas bows Crow Recycling including the Scrapstore will close at the end of the day on Friday December 20 and open again on the morning of Monday January 6. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.  

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Thank you Leofric Lions

Kerry Davies of the Leofric Lions hands a cheque to Crow Recycling's Lucy Lynch A big thank you to the Leofric Lions Club from Crow Recycling for a £200 donation. The cash came from the amount raised by the club at a series of fundraising events during the year. The most high profile were the Coventry Walkathon and the Donkey Derby. Crow was one of a number of good causes to benefit. Here at  Crow we get come of our income from commercial activities such as confidential document shredding but we rely on generous donors such as the Leofric Lions to keep going from year to year. Thank you again to the Leofric Lions.

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Scrapstore on BBC local radio

BBC Coventry and Warwickshire presenter Vic Minett with Crow Recycling Scrapstore manager Lauren Dunn The Crow Recycling Scrapstore was on air on Monday morning. Lauren Dunn, who runs the Scrapstore, and Lucy Lynch who organises school visits, were guests on the mid morning Vic Minnet show. Lauren talked about reusable and recyclable gift wrapping to kick off the show's week of features on the theme of home made Christmas. Lucy talked about the school visits hosted by Crow and paper and can recycling operations. Vic even had time to pose for a quick picture with Lauren after the interview.

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Make jewellery with Scrapstore supplies

Necklace made by Scrapstore volunteer A new volunteer has joined the Crow Scrapstore team showcasing our jewellery supplies. We asked her to browse through the jewellery supplies counter and see what she could make. She came up with these lovely creations perfect for a not from the high street Christmas present. She used chain, beads, nylon, pendants, presentation boxes and jewellery findings all available from the Scrapstore. Jewellery made from Scrapstore supplies The volunteer used her own cutting tool and pliers. We don't sell these at the Scrapstore. Anyone who would like to make jewellery with Scrapstore supplies can pop in during opening hours Mondays to Thursdays 9.30am to 3.30pm or Fridays 9.30am to 12.30pm. Or people can drop in at our pre Christmas Saturday opening on November 30 from 10am to 2pm. To shop at the Scrapstore people must pay a £10 annual membership.  

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Updated data and privacy policies

We have updated our data and privacy policies. The way we process Scrapstore membership data is changing so we have updated our data and privacy policies accordingly. We are using a customer relationship management system to store member contact details and send e mails about holiday shutdowns and Saturday openings. We will also be using it to send newsletters to those who would like to receive them. Read the updated policies here. If you have any questions about how we use Scrapstore membership data please contact us at

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Cake sale for Saturday opening

Cake sale planned A cake sale will raise money for bus fares for volunteers at the Crow Recycling Scrapstore opening on November 30. Occasionally people come to visit keen to volunteer but struggling to find the bus fares to reach us. Funding from charitable trusts for bus fares is hard to find. So we're having a cake sale to kick start our volunteer bus fare fund. Volunteers sort and shred waste paper along with sorting, crushing and baling used drinks cans to keep Crow up and running. Most of our volunteers are disabled. The Scrapstore, normally only open weekdays, will be open on Saturday November 30 from 10am to 2pm. Visit for ideas on how to to put the wow factor in Christmas without depleting the planet's resources. There will be gift wrap, card making materials and decorations on sale at bargain prices all donated for reuse. The Scrapstore is a member only shop with annual membership at £10. Crow Recycling is a registered charity set up in 1985 to provide work placements for disabled people.

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Scrapstore Saturday opening

Crow Scrapstore Inspiration for a greener Christmas is at the centre of the Crow Recycling Scrapstore Saturday opening. The Scrapstore is having a Saturday opening on November 30 from 10am to 2pm. Making presents look beautiful, creating home made cards, decorating the house and packing up presents to post don't cost the earth because the Scrapstore sells waste materials donated to reuse for arts and crafts. People are asked to bring their membership cards or pay the £10 annual membership fee on the day to choose from a host of arts and crafts supplies for a creative Christmas. Scrapstore development worker Lauren Dunn said: "Join us for our Saturday opening and use your creativity to put the wow factor into Christmas without depleting the planet's valuable resources." For wrapping presents the Scrapstore sells fabric scraps, which can be reused, and brown recyclable paper to decorate. They both work as alternatives to shiny wrapping paper which can't be recycled and has to be burnt in an incinerator or sent to a landfill site. To make your house look festive there are second hand Christmas decorations.  Card making supplies include paper, card, kits, punches, stamps and back copies of card making magazines. Those with relatives far away can buy bargain padded envelopes for posting presents. The usual Scrapstore supplies will also be on sale including wool, thread, fabric pieces, fabric off the roll, hula hoops, long cardboard tubes, jewellery making supplies, mounting boards, zips and buttons. The Scrapstore is part of Crow Recycling at Orchard House, Sparkbrook Street, Hillfields, Coventry, CV1 5LB. Tel 02476552444. Crow Recycling is a registered charity set up in 1985 to provide work placements for disabled people.

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Crow to start charging for school visits

  Educational visits to Crow now cost £30 per class. The charity's trustees made the decision to charge for the visits, previously free, after grant funding for educational projects came to an end. Education development worker Lucy Lynch said: "It's disappointing to have to start charging but our grant funding ran out and was not renewed. By charging approximately £1 per pupil for a full class visit we can continue offering visits for the rest of the autumn term and hopefully the spring and summer terms as well." Crow Recycling offers visits of 45 minutes to an hour for up to one class at a  time during Coventry school terms. Pupils have chance to help sort paper ready for recycling, sort cans and see the Crow aluminium can crushing machine in action. They also find out how we shred and bale documents to recycle or use as animal bedding. Schools bringing three or more classes in the same term will be offered a discount depending on how many classes are coming. For more information about school visits contact Crow on 02476552444 or e mail    

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