Shredded paper bales


Are you looking for a shredded paper bedding for dogs, pigs or horses or are you looking for packing material?

Here at Crow we shred and bale white office paper for animal bedding and packaging.

Bales weigh approximately 30kg with delivery available in and near Coventry.

The shredded paper is ideal for dogs, pigs and horses. Shredded paper is cheaper than many other kinds of bedding. It is also less dusty than straw. That makes a better working environment for staff. The reduced dust also means that if conventional bedding doesn’t suit your horse shredded paper is worth a try.

Shredded paper is a plastic free and cost effective packaging for everything from car parts to lighting.

The bales cost £8.40 each including VAT and delivery to locations in Coventry and Warwickshire. They also cost £8.40 for collection from the Crow Warehouse in Coventry.

Outside Coventry but within our delivery areas it’s £9.60 a bale. That includes most of the West Midlands and parts of Leicestershire. Beyond our delivery areas we use a local haulage firm. Get in touch for a quotation based on your location.

For locations outside Coventry and Warwickshire please contact us on 02476552444 or to find out if we deliver and prices.

Horse in stable