Work experience for people with disabilities and special needs including school pupils is available at Crow Recycling.

Secondary school pupils with special needs from both mainstream and special schools, college students and adults who have left education are among those who do work placements with Crow.

The work includes:

  • Sorting paper into different grades so it is ready for recycling
  • Shredding and baling paper to sell as animal bedding and packaging
  • Crushing drinks cans so they are ready to recycle
  • Helping at the Scrapstore which sells recycled materials to use for arts and crafts
  • Accompanying our van driver collecting waste paper from customers

Placements can be short or long and for all or part of a week. We ask both school pupils looking for work experience and older people looking for longer term placements to visit before their placements begin. Older volunteers who are no longer at school do two weeks as a trial before a long term placement is confirmed.

People on work placements are supervised by staff and volunteers with Disclosure and Barring Service checks.

The placements are not paid.

To find out more about work placements ring Crow Recycling on 024 7655 24444 or email

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