Steel cans crushed and baled

Welcome to Crow’s online resources for learning about recycling.

At our warehouse in Coventry we process paper and cans and reuse waste materials for arts and crafts.

Cans are collected and sorted by the metal they are made from which is either aluminium or steel. Then they’re crushed, baled and sold on to a scrap metal dealer to be melted down and used again.

Paper is collected from organisations in and around Coventry and sorted into white letter paper, coloured paper or newspaper. Some is shredded in the warehouse to be recycled as packaging and animal bedding. The rest is sent to paper mills for recycling.

The Scrapstore accepts donations of waste materials such as carpet samples no longer needed in showrooms, blank paper and card, fabric offcuts and wool. They’re reused for arts and crafts.

Useful fact files about recycling at Crow

Fact file 1 – inside the Crow warehouse

Fact file 2 – aluminium

Fact file 3 – steel

Fact file 4 – paper

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Visit our you tube channel for videos about how we process paper and cans in our warehouse.

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Global corporation Novelis has a useful video here about what goes on inside an aluminium can recycling plant

Jaguar Landrover has a video about how recycled aluminium is used in the manufacture of luxury cars – click  here 

Before the Coronavirus outbreak we hosted visits from school and home education groups to our warehouse. Those visits have been suspended to prevent the spread of the virus. Our membership Scrapstore is still open. For more information on joining and shopping click here.