• Paper and cardboard are the most recycled materials in the UK – 79 per cent were recycled in 2017
  • Newspapers are made with a mix of recycled and new paper. The majority of the mix is recycled paper.
  • The new paper makes the mix good enough quality to put through a printing press
  • Paper degrades every time it recycles and can only survive the process between five and seven times
  • At Crow the most money is paid for sorted white office paper. It has the longest fibres and can be used to make more good quality paper
  • Sorted newspaper and coloured paper with shorter fibres aren’t as valuable because they can only be made into lower quality paper such as more newspaper or toilet paper
  • Paper from Crow with no confidential information on it is sorted and sent to paper mills where it goes through a complex process of chopping, shredding, pulping, de-inking, drying and rolling before being ready to use again
  • The General Data Protection Rules govern how organisations manage confidential information which covers paper with names, addresses and other personal details. At Crow we shred confidential paper into small pieces so the words are unreadable
  • Paper shredded and baled at Crow is bought by customers for animal bedding and by mail order companies needing packaging