Steel cans crushed and baled

Children doing projects on recycling can visit Crow’s new learning web page.

With educational visits to the warehouse suspended due to the Coronavirus at Crow Recycling we have created fact files about can and paper recycling. There are also videos showing what goes on in the warehouse.

Online resources come second best to a visit but sadly are the best we can do at the moment.

Nothing really compares to seeing the machinery in action and having a go at some of the warehouse jobs.

Primary school aged children visiting the warehouse are always pleasantly surprised to discover they are allowed to help operate industrial recycling machinery, even under strict supervision. One of the best bits of the visit is when a child is called over to the aluminium can crushing and baling machine, ear defenders on, and shown which dials to turn and buttons to press to switch it on. The internet can’t replicate the feeling they get as the machine clanks and roars into life.

In a similar way it’s impossible to recreate the class challenge of clearing the paper sorting table with every piece in the right stillage. But until it’s safe to host visits again there’s no choice but to make do with online resources.

Visit our learning web page here.

Our You Tube channel is here.