aluminium can crusher and baler

Cans donated by the Maybird Shopping Park in the crusher and baler

A big thank you to the Maybird Shopping Park in Stratford for a donation of aluminium cans.

Our disabled volunteers are running machinery to crush and bale the cans which is the first step of the recycling process. When they’re all turned into rectangular blocks, each containing hundreds of compressed cans, Crow will sell them to recycling plants to be made into new cans.

Aluminium is one of Crow’s

recycling star materials because it can be recycled over and over again and be as good as new. It’s also cheaper to recycle than extract from the ground which means there’s plenty of demand for this light strong and incredibly useful metal.

We regularly receive aluminium cans from a wide range of people and organisations. Our standard policy is to pay 30 pence per kilo, going down to 25 pence if we collect them in our van. However some organisations opt to donate cans. A big thank you to the Maybird Shopping Park and everyone else who supplies us with aluminium cans whether paid or donated.