Crow is open from Monday June 1

Crow Recycling opened on Monday June 1 after a temporary closure. Crow's usual waste paper and can collections are back up and running. People can also drop off confidential waste paper for shredding and aluminium cans for recycling. The Scrapstore is not open. That's in line with government guidelines on non essential shops. From June 15 the Scrapstore will be open for customers to visit by appointment. To make an appointment e mail nearer the time. Crow Recycling's paid staff will be running the warehouse and collections. Volunteers are not yet working with us in the warehouse. Crow's trustees have taken to the decision to open on Monday June 1 but will be closing again at the end of the day on Thursday June 4 due to Coronavirus pressures. Crow will then reopen at the beginning of July apart from the Scrapstore which will be open by appointment from June 15. That means we are encouraging customers who need our services to contact us by e mail or phone, as soon as possible so that we can plan our schedule of work. We would like to thank our customers for their understanding at this difficult time. The Crow Recycling e mail is The telephone number is 02476552444.

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Temporary closure due to Coronavirus

Crow Recycling is closing temporarily from lunch time on Friday April 16 due to the pressures of the coronavirus outbreak. Crow's education development worker Lucy Lynch said: "We haven't got a reopening date yet. When we do we will post on this blog so please keep an eye out here. The closure is only temporary so don't forget about us - we're looking forward to being up and running again when times get better." There will be nobody available to answer the telephone but e mails will be checked at least weekly. Anyone who needs to get in touch during the closure should e mail Warehouse volunteers were sent home at the beginning of the outbreak and will not be asked to come back until the danger is over. The Scrapstore closed several weeks ago. The warehouse closed to visitors soon afterwards. Operations were reduced to deliveries of shredded paper bedding, collection, sorting and baling of used cans, waste paper collection and destruction of confidential waste paper.

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Easter closing at Crow Recycling

Crow Recycling will be completely closed on Good Friday which is Friday April 10, Easter Monday which is Monday April 13 and also on Tuesday April 14. After the Easter closure collections of waste paper and cans and delivery of shredded paper bedding packaging will continue with precautions to prevent infection. The Scrapstore has been closed for several weeks to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. The Scrapstore will open again when the danger is passed. The opening date will be posted here on the Crow website, on Facebook and Twitter as well as being e mailed to those Scrapstore members Crow has e mail addresses for. Educational visits are all cancelled to be rescheduled when schools reopen. Warehouse volunteers were sent home at the beginning of the pandemic. The Crow Recycling warehouse is closed to visitors. To contact Crow staff e mail or ring Crow on 02476552444.

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Crow is partially open for now

Crow Recycling delivery van Crow Recycling is continuing to collect waste paper and deliver bales of shredded paper for the moment. Our delivery driver is asking people to leave paper outside premises wherever possible. He is using hand sanitiser between collections and deliveries. Bales of shredded paper are being dropped off while maintaining social distancing from customers. Crow is asking people to pay electronically on receipt of an invoice rather than by cash where ever possible. The Crow Recycling Scrapstore is closed.  Educational visits are cancelled. Warehouse volunteers have been sent home and will not come back until the danger has passed. The situation may change so please keep an eye on this website or ring Crow on 02476552444 or e mail

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The Scrapstore is closed

The Scrapstore is closed to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Trustees of Crow Recycling have decided to close the Scrapstore for the welfare of staff, volunteers and customers. When it's safe to reopen the opening date will be posted here on the blog, on Facebook and on Twitter. We will also e mail those members we have e mail addresses for. If you are a member not getting e mails and would like to get them please let us know on We apologise to those who had hoped to shop at the Scrapstore or donate materials and thank everybody for their support.  

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How to make a Valentine’s Day card from recycled materials

According to, more than 25 million Valentine's cards are sent in the UK alone each year. You could save money and have a more eco friendly Valentine's Day by creating a beautiful handmade card your partner will want to keep, using recycled/repurposed materials. This post will show you how to do that using materials available in the Crow Recycling Scrapstore. First, gather your materials. Here we used a blank card, an envelope, a sheet of patterned paper (all priced at 10 pence each), buttons (£1 for a bag of 50)  and a reel of  cotton thread (20 pence). If you prefer, you could use all purpose adhesive or a hot glue gun in place of the cotton thread. You will also need a sewing needle (if you are using thread), a glue stick and scissors. The first step is to cut out a heart shape from the patterened paper. If you are not confident to do this freehand you could first create a template from some scrap paper, and draw around it on the patterned paper in order to give yourself a guide. Next, glue your heart shape onto the card blank. We used a glue stick, but all purpose adhesive or double sided sticky tape would work just as well, depending on what you have to hand. Now you are going to attach buttons to outline the heart shape. You can do this one of two ways; either using the needle and thread method shown here, or by using a hot glue gun/all purpose adhesive if you find that easier. It is a good idea to experiment with arranging the buttons around the outline of the heart before you commit to sticking them [...]

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New child sized gloves and ear defenders

Child sized safety gloves and ear defenders New child sized ear defenders and child sized safety gloves have arrived at Crow Recycling thanks to grant funding. The new equipment will be used when groups of school children visit the Crow warehouse to learn about recycling. Children love to see the noisy can crushing and baling machine in action but need ear defenders to protect their hearing. The new child sized ones need less adjustment that the current set so are quicker and easier to fit. The safety gloves will make it easier for children to have a go at separating steel from aluminium cans using the magnet built in to the Crow can sorting table. The current adult sized ones are excellent at protecting hands from sharp edges but sometimes make it difficult to pick up cans, particularly for the smallest visitors. The new child sized ones will make it easier for young visitors to handle the cans. Education development worker Lucy Lynch said: "We are delighted with the new gloves and ear defenders which will make the hands on activities a better experience for children on educational visits. Seeing the can crushing and baling machine operating is one of the highlights of the visit, especially for the lucky child chosen to switch it on. But it's a really noisy piece of machinery so ear defenders are essential. Now there is a choice of adult or child sized ones." The grant funding also paid for magnets to be used by Crow staff for can sorting exercises when visiting schools to talk about recycling. Crow Recycling is accepting bookings for school and home education visits during the Coventry spring and summer terms. Visits of [...]

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Christmas waste swaps

Five Christmas waste swaps to help both tread lightly on the planet and have a brilliant Christmas   Wrapping paper Presents wrapped in brown paper, newspaper and fabric Wrapping that is all or partly shiny and metallic can't be recycled so swap to the non metallic kind or try these options Newspaper, reused and easily recycled, with reusable ribbon to give a Christmassy look Fabric and ribbon, both ideal for reuse Brown paper, well suited to recycling, along with reusable ribbon Christmas catalogues Christmas catalogues With so many shops now online printed Christmas catalogues are an extra rather than an essential. Ring or e mail every organisation that sends a paper catalogue and ask them not to. General Data Protection Regulations allow people to opt out of postal advertising addressed to them by name. Sadly this doesn't extend to junk mail addressed to occupier or with no name or address Use the company's website instead to find out about their products. Christmas trees Library Christmas tree Buying a tree grown in a field on a farm, admiring it for a couple of weeks and then taking it to a council tip is the maximum waste approach. Instead you could Buy a container grown tree, keep it in the garden and bring it in every year Buy an artificial tree and use it every year Or even better a second hand artificial tree and use it every year Use your creativity for an eye catching substitute for a Christmas tree. Everything from decorating a large pot plant to arranging fairy lights in a tree shape on a blank wall celebrates Christmas without the waste. This Christmas tree substitute was created [...]

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Christmas and new year opening times

Christmas bows Crow Recycling including the Scrapstore will close at the end of the day on Friday December 20 and open again on the morning of Monday January 6. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.  

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Thank you Leofric Lions

Kerry Davies of the Leofric Lions hands a cheque to Crow Recycling's Lucy Lynch A big thank you to the Leofric Lions Club from Crow Recycling for a £200 donation. The cash came from the amount raised by the club at a series of fundraising events during the year. The most high profile were the Coventry Walkathon and the Donkey Derby. Crow was one of a number of good causes to benefit. Here at  Crow we get come of our income from commercial activities such as confidential document shredding but we rely on generous donors such as the Leofric Lions to keep going from year to year. Thank you again to the Leofric Lions.

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