Crowing about confidential office paper shredding to Coventry’s Lord Mayor

Crow Recycling's Lucy Lynch meets Coventry's Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress Crow Recycling's confidential office paper shredding service was something to crow about in front of Coventry's Lord and Lady Mayoress. The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress stopped by Crow table at the Way Forward networking event organised by Coventry and Warwickshire CDA. They were the guests of honour at the event held at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry. Crow Recycling office manager Lucy Lynch explained how Crow provides work placements for disabled people in various ways, one of them by providing a commercial service destroying confidential office documents. She told the mayor how Crow has been going strong for 38 years, originally at the Barras Heath Wholesale Market in Stoke then at the current location on Sparkbrook Street, Hillfields, Coventry. Lucy said: "It was a privilege to meet the Lord and Lady Mayoress, particularly as the mayor has made history by becoming the first Lord Mayor of Coventry to wear a turban." Crow Recycling provides work placements and volunteering opportunities for disabled people, mainly people with learning difficulties. Other commercial services Crow provides are processing aluminium cans for recycling, selling animal bedding and running an arts and crafts second hand shop called a Scrapstore.

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Teenagers set to be the nursery staff and school teachers of the future learned about crafting for young children the environmentally friendly and budget friendly way. The students who are learning how to care for young children, visited the Crow Recycling Scrapstore in Coventry. The group picked up skills they need to lead craft activities for young children while keeping costs down and treading lightly on the planet. Using Scrapstore materials diverted from landfill they made decorated jars, collages and fabric mache bowls, all ideal projects for small children. The 12 students are all at Warwickshire College's Rugby campus studying T level early years. T levels are equivalent to A levels but involve part of each week on a work placement. The group who visited Crow are doing work placements in nurseries and expect to go on to work in nurseries and schools. Scrapstore manager Kathy Heard said: "It's great to show students the creative possibilities of reused craft items saved from landfill. There's no need to spend a fortune to express creativity. This is creativity on a shoestring." The Crow Recycling Scrapstore is a shop selling reused items, many of them saved from landfill, for arts and crafts. Crow Recycling is a registered charity in Coventry providing work placements for disabled people. Crow also provides commercial services destroying confidential waste paper, processing cans for recycling and selling animal bedding.

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We’ve shredded our 200,000th bag

Warehouse volunteer Michael at Crow Recycling CROW RECYCLING HITS 200,000 BAG MILESTONE  Staff and volunteers at Crow are celebrating shredding their 200,000th bag of confidential waste.  Since Crow Recycling was founded in 1985 as a charity offering work placements and volunteering opportunities to disabled people the organisation has destroyed 200,000 bags, approximately 10kg each, of confidential documents. Shredding confidential documents for customers is one of the ways Crow Recycling provides work placements for disabled people.  Other ways include running a Scrapstore selling donated items for arts and crafts, processing non confidential paper, selling animal bedding and processing drinks cans for recycling.  Office manager Lucy Lynch said: “Destroying confidential waste is one of the ways we provide work placements for disabled people.   “We’ve kept going through the ups and downs of the last thirty eight years varying from shrinking grant funding to Covid and we’re delighted to reach this milestone.  “A big thank you to all our  volunteers both disabled and non disabled, customers, funders and supporters.”  Volunteering at Crow gives a taste of life in the work place – for some people their first one. Some move on to more demanding placements or paid work while others volunteer long term at Crow. Crow also welcomes secondary school pupils with special needs on short term work experience placements.  Once destroyed by shredding the confidential documents are recycled as animal bedding or sent to paper mills to be sold on for recycling, very often as toilet paper.  The charity was founded by Barbara Cowling in 1985. Originally Crow was based at the Barras Heath Wholesale Market in Stoke, Coventry, moving to its current location Orchard House in Sparkbrook Street, Hillfields, Coventry, in 1999. 

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We’ve Been Funded

Everyone at Crow Recycling knows the muscles in their legs are stronger than the muscles in their backs thanks to a grant for manual handling training from the Heart of England Community Foundation. The cash from the Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire Communities Fund has paid for one of the Crow staff members to train as a manual handling instructor. Once he had done the training he teamed up with fellow staff and some of Crow's trustees to devise and teach a course tailored to the needs of Crow's volunteers. Most of the Crow Recycling volunteers have learning difficulties so the course included lots of practical skills, plenty of time to learn key theory and verbal rather than written assessments. Office manager Lucy Lynch said: "The course means trainees can tackle a wider range of tasks at Crow. They have the knowledge, the practical experience and the certificate to prove it if they want to move on to a more demanding work placement or a paid job."

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Thank you to the Eveson Trust

A grant from the Eveson Trust is helping Crow Recycling provide work placements for people with disabilities.The trust has made a generous donation towards running costs at the Coventry based charity. The money will help with costs such as insurance which are essential to keeping the charity up and running.Office manager Lucy Lynch said: "We run various commercial services which bring in an income but it's not nearly enough to cover all our costs. The Eveson Trust grant, along with grants from other similar organisations, means we can bridge the gap."We're particularly grateful that the grant is for general running costs such as insurance. Those costs can be hard to find grants for but are an essential part of any organisation."Crow Recycling is a registered charity providing volunteer work placements for disabled people. Crow does this by providing a commercial service destroying confidential waste, processing non confidential paper for recycling, crushing and baling aluminium cans for recycling and selling animal bedding. Crow also runs a Scrapstore selling reused items to use for arts and crafts and processes used books.Volunteers include pupils from special schools, college students and older people on longer term placements.

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A big thank you to the Screwfix Foundation

The fire doors at Crow Recycling have been upgraded and replaced thanks to the Screwfix Foundation. A generous donation from the foundation has paid for some of the fire doors to be upgraded and others replaced at Crow Recycling's warehouse in Sparkbrook Street, Hillfields, Coventry. Office manager Lucy Lynch said: "Funding for fire safety measures can be difficult for charities to find even though fire safety is a vital part of running any organisation. So we are particularly grateful to the Screwfix Foundation for providing us with the money for this work." "The new and upgraded doors will help keep our staff, volunteers, customers and visitors safe as well as protecting the building." Crow Recycling is a registered charity providing volunteer work placements for disabled people. Crow does this by providing a commercial service destroying confidential waste, processing non confidential paper for recycling, crushing and baling aluminium cans for recycling and selling animal bedding. Crow also runs a Scrapstore selling reused items to use for arts and crafts and processes used books. Crow Recycling is funded by income from commercial services along with grants and donations such as the grant from Screwfix.

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Make a unique patchwork bag from fabric scraps

If you fancy making your own beautiful and unique patchwork bag from scraps of fabric, this is for you! Fabulous for yourself or as a gift for someone special, and another great way to upcycle fabric scraps. Our lovely, talented volunteer Tracy will take you through how to make them from start to finish on our morning workshop held at CROW on Saturday 18th March from 10am to 1pm. All tuition, materials and refreshments are included. We do have a couple of donated sewing machines that should be available for use, however we recommend you bring your own sewing machine if at all possible. The cost of the workshop is £15 per person, with a £10 deposit to secure a place. You can book either by popping in to the Scrapstore in person and paying by cash or card, emailing us at or calling on 02476 552444 and we can provide you with PayPal details. Spaces are limited, so let us know if you're interested! We can't wait!

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Learn how to make your own beautiful bird feeder at our February workshop

We are all about reuse and upcycling, as well as recycling at CROW! So we are excited to be running a morning workshop on Saturday 18 February, where you can make your own beautifully decorated bird feeders under the expert tuition of one of our talented volunteers. Using nothing more than some empty, plastic pop bottles, string and paints, you will be guided through the process of transforming them into something practical and attractive for your garden. You can apply your own creative flair and make something truly unique. Places on the workshop cost £15, with a £10 deposit when booking, and include all tuition, materials and refreshments. You can book in person at the Scrapstore to pay by cash or card, or contact us at or on 02476 552444 to pay via PayPal. Places are limited though, so if you are interested, get in touch!

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Meet some of our youngest can collectors

Riley, aged nine (left) and Archie aged six Meet Archie and Riley who are some of Crow's youngest suppliers of empty aluminium drinks cans. The pair along with three-year-old sister Izzy-Kay have been saving any they use, picking them up off the streets and asking their grandfather to save any he comes across. They're bagging them up and bringing them to Crow Recycling where they get 30 pence per kilogram. They're aiming to raise some extra pocket money and to contribute to their local rugby club. Disabled volunteers at Crow Recycling will crush and bale the cans and sell them on in bulk to be recycled. The proceeds will help to keep the charity up and running. Office manager Lucy Lynch said: "At Crow we pay 30 pence per kilogram for aluminium cans brought to the warehouse and 25 pence for large loads collected locally in our van. "It's great to have the three children bringing us cans. Aluminium is ideal for us because it's infinitely recyclable - recycled cans are just as good as new ones - and it's cheaper to recycle to extract from the ground." Crow is open for drop offs of aluminium cans Monday to Thursdays 9.30am to 3.30pm except for bank holidays and an annual summer shutdown. More information here.

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GDPR courses on a budget

Work for a small organisation on a budget and need to sharpen up on the General Data Protection Regulations? Getting up to speed on the basics with an online course doesn't have to cost anything. A good place to cover the basics is this course with the Netherlands based University of Groningen. The time estimate is a total of 16 hours recommended as four hours a week over four weeks. As it's completed independently online with no live interaction the 16 hours can be done in a shorter time period than four weeks. The catch with the free version is it can't take longer than four weeks. The free version doesn't include the course assessments and has no certificate at the end. If Another drawback is that it was written in the early days of GDPR when Brexit wasn't a current issue. That means the section about European courts is not all that relevant to people working in the UK dealing with data from UK customers. But apart from that it's a useful summary for those working in small organisations who deal with customer e mail, invoices and contracts. Another plus point is that it's a university course so the information is coming from legal academics who scrutinise and interpret detail of legislation for a living. If you want to do it hurry though as the free version will be taken down on February 9. For those short of time as well as money Irish workplace training company Alison has a free online course here. This one rather grandly claims to teach everything participants need to know about the GDPR in three hours or less. There's no extra charge for a certificate - useful for [...]

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