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Educational visits to Crow now cost £30 per class.

The charity’s trustees made the decision to charge for the visits, previously free, after grant funding for educational projects came to an end.

Education development worker Lucy Lynch said: “It’s disappointing to have to start charging but our grant funding ran out and was not renewed. By charging approximately £1 per pupil for a full class visit we can continue offering visits for the rest of the autumn term and hopefully the spring and summer terms as well.”

Crow Recycling offers visits of 45 minutes to an hour for up to one class at a  time during Coventry school terms.

Pupils have chance to help sort paper ready for recycling, sort cans and see the Crow aluminium can crushing machine in action. They also find out how we shred and bale documents to recycle or use as animal bedding.

Schools bringing three or more classes in the same term will be offered a discount depending on how many classes are coming.

For more information about school visits contact Crow on 02476552444 or e mail