safety gloves and ear defenders

Child sized safety gloves and ear defenders

New child sized ear defenders and child sized safety gloves have arrived at Crow Recycling thanks to grant funding.

The new equipment will be used when groups of school children visit the Crow warehouse to learn about recycling.

Children love to see the noisy can crushing and baling machine in action but need ear defenders to protect their hearing. The new child sized ones need less adjustment that the current set so are quicker and easier to fit.

The safety gloves will make it easier for children to have a go at separating steel from aluminium cans using the magnet built in to the Crow can sorting table. The current adult sized ones are excellent at protecting hands from sharp edges but sometimes make it difficult to pick up cans, particularly for the smallest visitors.

The new child sized ones will make it easier for young visitors to handle the cans.

Education development worker Lucy Lynch said: “We are delighted with the new gloves and ear defenders which will make the hands on activities a better experience for children on educational visits. Seeing the can crushing and baling machine operating is one of the highlights of the visit, especially for the lucky child chosen to switch it on. But it’s a really noisy piece of machinery so ear defenders are essential. Now there is a choice of adult or child sized ones.”

The grant funding also paid for magnets to be used by Crow staff for can sorting exercises when visiting schools to talk about recycling.

Crow Recycling is accepting bookings for school and home education visits during the Coventry spring and summer terms. Visits of up to one class at a time take place on Mondays and Tuesdays at a cost of £30 per visit.