Shredded paper bales

At Crow Recycling we supply shredded paper packaging to help your mail order products arrive at the customer’s address in one piece.

Crow Recycling’s shredded paper provides a cost effective and biodegradable alternative to plastic packaging helping make sure products don’t get damaged on the way.

At Crow Recycling our machinery shreds and compressed used white office paper to create 30 kg bales.

The paper is ideal for packaging everything from car parts to lighting products. Once at the destination the paper can be composted, used again as packaging or used for animal bedding. 

The bales cost £8.60 including VAT and delivery in Coventry or Warwickshire. £8.60 is also the cost on collection from our warehouse in Hillfields, Coventry. For costs including delivery further afield contact Crow Recycling on 02476552444 or

Crow Recycling is a registered charity providing work placements for disabled people. The packaging you buy is shredded and baled by disabled volunteers picking up work and life skills at our warehouse.