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At Crow Recycling we’re helping restore some normality to the lives of our volunteers after they were turned upside down by Coronavirus.

Our volunteers have a range of disabilities taking in learning difficulties, medical conditions and autism.

For our volunteers the periods of restrictions were an isolating experience. For some periods of restrictions Crow closed and for others Crow stayed open but volunteers were sent home for their safety. 

Some while at home were not able to see relatives, social events came to an abrupt end and for a few  usual carers had to shield.

Lives are getting back to normal again and coming back to Crow is part of that. Volunteering for one, two or three days a week provides routine plus the social elements of work.

Crow Recycling was set up in 1985 to provide work placements for disabled people. 

Some of Crow’s volunteers are here for a short time and move on to more demanding placements or a paid job. 

Others are with Crow long term appreciating the supportive environment we provide.

As infections fall Crow is returning to offering short term placements to school pupils with special needs getting their first taste of life in the work place.