When customers send us documents for destruction or recycling removing plastic wallets is part of the service we provide.

Sadly they’re really difficult to recycle requiring high temperatures and a complex process. They’re made of polypropylene which is possible to recycle in theory but in practice it doesn’t happen very much. Here at Crow we haven’t found anywhere that can take them. So instead if they don’t contain any text, as these ones above don’t, we give them away for reuse.

Most people want to use them for their original purpose storing documents. There are a few other uses for them too. Here are some few ideas.

  • Protecting printed out recipe sheets from spills and splashes in the kitchen
  • Craft packs for kids for journeys or long waits – the ones open on one side are particularly useful for this and can take stickers, fake feathers, magazines and coloured paper.
  • Toddler no mess finger painting. Put the paint inside, tape up the top and they can paint by running fingers on the outside of the plastic
  • Toddler sensory toy. Fill with gel such as hand sanistiser and small beads, tape up and let the toddler play.
  • Labelling storage boxes. Tape one on the side of the storage box and then it’s easy to drop in a new label when the contents change

Any more ideas please leave a comment. Thanks.