Zarah meets staff, volunteers and customers at Crow Recycling

Coventry South MP Zarah Sultana saw how waste paper is sorted for recycling and shredded for animal bedding when she visited Crow Recycling.

Crow staff and volunteers explained how confidential waste paper is destroyed and packaged by Crow’s shredding and baling machines. That makes it ready to be used as packaging, as animal bedding or sent to a paper mill to be turned into toilet paper. She found out about how non confidential paper such as surplus flyers is sorted and sold on for recycling.

She also saw how used aluminium drinks cans are crushed and baled to be sold on to metals dealers ahead of being melted down to make new cans.

Zarah met some of the disabled volunteers who sort, shred and bale paper and help with can crushing and baling. She met some of the volunteer trustees and staff.

Zarah also visited the Crow Recycling Scrapstore, a shop selling reused materials for arts and crafts. She met some of the customers and enjoyed browsing the jewellery making supplies.

Chairman of trustees Bill Smith said: “We were delighted Zarah could visit us and we value her continuing support as our local MP. “

Zarah also offered useful advice about fundraising.