Riley, aged nine (left) and Archie aged six

Meet Archie and Riley who are some of Crow’s youngest suppliers of empty aluminium drinks cans.

The pair along with three-year-old sister Izzy-Kay have been saving any they use, picking them up off the streets and asking their grandfather to save any he comes across.

They’re bagging them up and bringing them to Crow Recycling where they get 30 pence per kilogram. They’re aiming to raise some extra pocket money and to contribute to their local rugby club.

Disabled volunteers at Crow Recycling will crush and bale the cans and sell them on in bulk to be recycled. The proceeds will help to keep the charity up and running.

Office manager Lucy Lynch said: “At Crow we pay 30 pence per kilogram for aluminium cans brought to the warehouse and 25 pence for large loads collected locally in our van.

“It’s great to have the three children bringing us cans. Aluminium is ideal for us because it’s infinitely recyclable – recycled cans are just as good as new ones – and it’s cheaper to recycle to extract from the ground.”

Crow is open for drop offs of aluminium cans Monday to Thursdays 9.30am to 3.30pm except for bank holidays and an annual summer shutdown.

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